Co-development and co-investment of biomethane projects

With more than 15 years of experience, we help our future clients to structure the development of their project, accompanying them on regulatory changes and the search for equity to finance it.


Design and build

With more than 80 methanizers in operation throughout France, we have all the experience to support you in the construction of yours, in liquid or discontinuous dry process, to transform and recover organic waste.


Operate and maintain

Since 2014, we have been helping you optimize the performance of your LNG carrier. To do this, we offer services that act on all the operational levers that need to be managed simultaneously.



Local expert in organic waste, we bring together waste producers and methanization units in short circuit, to recover the material and that it benefits above all the territory.


Welcome to TEIKEI

A new subsidiary of the KEON group, TEIKEI is a local expert in organic waste, bringing together waste producers and short-circuit biomethane plants. Recycling that puts people first


Drawing on many years’ experience, we help you develop your projects, from compliance with the relevant regulations right through to operation.

With more than 80 biomethane plants across France, we have all the relevant experience to assist you in building your own, be it a discontinuous dry or wet digester, to transform and recycle organic waste.

Since 2014, we have helped optimize the performance of biomethane plants. To do this, we offer services tailored to all your needs, from maintenance and operational support to biomonitoring, automation and more.

A tale of transformation

As we advance through the 21st century, we are more aware than ever of the impact of human activity on the environment. Change is happening: our mindsets and our societies are evolving. That’s how we know that the world is ready to embrace the transformation of waste products into energy. And that’s why we dedicate each day to supporting biomethane projects in France and further afield.

Anaerobic digestion, a process for transforming organic matter into biogas used as energy and into digestate to fertilize the soil. It is at the confluence of several environmental issues, because it is the first lever for greening the fossil gas currently circulating in the networks, but also because it is a key tool in the agro-ecological transition.

Change is happening: our mindsets and our societies are evolving.
We know that the world is ready to embrace the transformation of waste products into energy.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”
Antoine Lavoisier

Shared values

Close relations

Building a tight-knit community of partners and customers, responding to all of their requirements and questions. Committing to creating a better world, a cleaner planet and a more ethical society. Innovating, researching, transforming. Here are just a few of the values that we hope to bring to our work and share.

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