Co-development and co-investment of biomethane projects

With more than 15 years of experience, we help our future clients to structure the development of their project, accompanying them on regulatory changes and the search for equity to finance it.


Design and build

With more than 80 methanizers in operation throughout France, we have all the experience to support you in the construction of yours, in liquid or discontinuous dry process, to transform and recover organic waste.


Operate and maintain

Since 2014, we have been helping you optimize the performance of your LNG carrier. To do this, we offer services that act on all the operational levers that need to be managed simultaneously.



Local expert in organic waste, we bring together waste producers and methanization units in short circuit, to recover the material and that it benefits above all the territory.


Our trusted partners


Marguerite is pan-European equity fund that helps kickstart key investments in the energy, renewable energy and transport sectors. It is the first fund of its kind established by the main European public finance institutions.

Active across Europe and with the European Investment Bank as its primary investor, it is the KEON group’s majority shareholder. Its involvement supports the group with its international expansion.

IDIA crédit agricole

IDIA Capital Investissement combines the activities of Crédit Agricole S.A.’s minority capital support businesses by assisting ISEs and SMEs in all business sectors and provides recognized expertise in the agrifood and wine sectors, health and old-age, tourism and energy-transition sectors.

The total funds under IDIA Capital Investissements’ management amounts to 1.8 billion euros.


SCARA: a century-old agricultural cooperative. Its core business focus is the collection and marketing of grain, including wheat, barley, rapeseed and sunflower.

Committed to environmentally friendly processes, it offers a range of innovative and effective services to support sustainable agriculture.


The founders of the KEON group have always been sure about the benefits of biomethane production and the crucial role it will play in the future. They also strongly believe that global efforts are needed for the success of such a project. That’s why employees seeking greater involvement in this innovative business venture can support its development by purchasing shares in the company.

Thanks to this virtuous business model, almost 50% of KEON’s employees and founders are now company shareholders. We would like to extend our thanks to each one of them.

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